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Trojan Barbie - the Pennyless Players


Pennyless Players


Need a vacation? Why not try ancient Troy?

Follow Lotte, English tourist and doll repair expert, on a colourful trip to not-so-Wonderland. Yet, amidst old ruins and picturesque street-side cafés the past and present start bleeding into each other: Lotte gets trapped, not only in time but also quite literally – in a prisoner’s camp. There she meets mythological heroines who turn out to be quite different from what we know from the schoolbooks: for instance, beautiful Helen, whose main concern seems to be securing sufficient amounts of painkillers, or Cassandra who keeps raving on about a certain ominous horse, and Polly X, a wannabe artist with a lot of attitude. Will Lotte find her way out of this tragedy or will the rolling tide of absurdities drag her under?

Christine Evans’ award-winning play, a bold and edgy “love poem from the past to your future” proves that war is neither glamorous nor heroic, and the unflinching determination of these Trojan women shows us that it is often the weakest who are the true heroes.

The proceeds of “Trojan Barbie” will be donated to ZEBRA an organisation that offers support for migrants, refugees, and victims of torture and Verein SOMM who supports the social participation of migrant and Muslim women as well as their access to educational and working opportunities.

Tickets: 10€ normal price, 5€ concession (students, Hunger auf Kunst und Kultur, LAUT! card holders, SozialCard holders)

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